Murto Vineyard and Cleo's Hill Wines
Who was Cleo?

Cleo MarieCleo Marie, for whom our wine is named, was a gray tabby kitten when she came to the vineyard.

From the start, she always accompanied us to the vineyard and she especially liked to sit on top of the poles and survey her people as we pruned, replaced poles or worked with the trellis. Many times we ate our lunch in the vineyard and we always packed cat food and water for her as lunch was one of the highlights of her day (ours too).

She was with us for 12 years and in those years, her legs covered many miles as she traveled throughout the vineyard. Sadly, she left us in 2003 but her spirit lives on. Sometimes we can almost feel her sitting on a pole, watching us work.

It seemed only natural that we name our wine for her.

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