Murto Vineyard and Cleo's Hill Wines
The Vineyard Workers

Mike & Robin Murto purchased the vineyard in 1991, knowing nothing about growing grapes and never dreaming of all the work that lay ahead. We continued to plant vines - finishing out the 17 acres with Pinot Noir - Pommard and 115 clones - and an acre of Pinot Gris.

We still do much of the work ourselves - all the pruning and tractor work, some trellis work, fruit thinning, putting the nets on, taking the nets get the picture. An able-bodied crew helps out when old Murto shoulders and legs cry for a break.

It is truly a labor of love and the rewards have been plentiful - wonderful fruit, good friends and no shortage of great wine to enjoy!

Mike and Robin

Cleo’s Hill Wines and Murto Vineyard
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